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As a division of Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing and DAkkS-accredited laboratory with a focus on the development and application of innovative diagnostic and recovery procedures, we offer you a wide range of tests in microbiological, molecular biological, medical, immunological and chemical diagnostics.

We also known as a recombinant human growth hormone manufacturer and a partner to pharmaceutical companies, that can provide stable and reliable quality products as well as professional and thorough service.

In order to meet the growing needs of our customers for one-stop service, HGH Laboratories GmbH has built a unique team of suppliers and technical experts to provide real services for creating valuable medical products, ranging from the approval of the technical task to the approval of the registration medical certificate in the European Union.

Our services cover the entire spectrum from sampling to customer consulting to laboratory services.
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We are accredited

Our approvals give you the certainty that our quality and performance have been independently assessed.
Medical Services
The area of responsibility for hospitals, medical practices and medical device manufacturers has expanded enormously in recent years. We have made it our task to optimally support doctors, medical personnel and manufacturers in handling medical devices.
Our Laboratories
We have several analysis and development laboratories with security standards up to the high security level L3 ** for the professional execution of our investigation orders.